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Spirit of the Prairie Cultural Center

The Cavalier County Job Development Authority is in the process of developing The Spirit of the Prairie Cultural Center.


Pioneers on the Prairie

  • timeline of events in the development of the Langdon area
  • the fur trading area before settlement
  • homesteading and the deployment of cities and counties
  • the importance of the railroad in the development of these cities and countries
  • the importance of the agriculture industry and its evolution to our regions heritage


Prairie Pyramids and National Defense

  • the events in our nation’s history that lead to the development of the SAFEGUARD ABM system
  • the Cold War
  • local, regional, and national attitude
  • why Cavalier County was selected as the site for this system
  • system components and the technology employed at this site
  • perimeter acquisition radar, missile site radar, the Sprint and Spartan missiles, the Ballistic Missile Defense Center, the SAFEGUARD Communications Agency, and the data processing center
  • scenarios of an ICBM Attack and the response required by the Stanley R Mickelson SAFEGUARD Complex to successfully respond to the threat
  • magnitude and effects of the SAFEGUARD system
  • local, national, and international impacts of this project and the changes brought by the Cold War


Embracing the Prairie

  • promote the culture of this region
  • promote the regions resources including agriculture, industry and natural resources
  • showcase agricultural energy and biomass opportunities that are possible for the future
  • promote the states largest wind farm, which is located about a mile north of the former Stanley R. Mickelson Safeguard Complex
  • promote the area’s wildlife, landscape and geology
  • tourism section which will guide visitors to other area attraction


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